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JONES & CO | Fishy Cup (All Sizes)

The Fishy Cup Large features a spotted fish, hand painted on the face of this earthenware cup. Each stroke and spot is hand-painted by Jones & Co's artisan makers, so each piece is slightly unique.

Length: 9.5cm
Width: 9cm
Height: 7cm

Each line and stroke on this earthenware cup, the Fishy Cup Medium, is hand painted by Jones & Co makers. No two pieces will ever be the same as they are created by artisan hands.

Length: 7cm
Width: 6.5cm
Height: 5cm

The Fishy Cup Mini is an earthenware cup that features the cutest little hand-painted fish on the face. Individually hand-painted by Jones & Co artisans, combine it with other pieces from our range to create a sweet and colourful collection.

Length: 6cm
Width: 5.5cm
Height: 4cm