Kangaroo Valley

KANGAROO ISLAND | Wheat & Ligurian Honey Seed Cracker (100g)

Take your meals to the next level with Kangaroo Island. Beginning its journey in the 1990’s, this family-run business prides itself on using only the finest natural ingredients for their collection of oils, honeys and more. With Kangaroo Island, you can really taste the difference.

The Kangaroo Island Single Origin Wheat & Ligurian Honey Artisan Crackers are made from a premium grade quality grain, free of any genetically-modified content, safe and traceable.

    • Made in Australia
    • Ingredients include Kangaroo Island wheat flour and honey, rye flour, cranberries, hazelnuts, flaxseed, pumpkin seed and poppy seed.
    • Kangaroo Island's air and water gives the grains produced a unique quality.
    • Presented in a Kangaroo Island packaging
    • Kindly note that it also contains gluten, milk and tree nuts, and may contain eggs, soy, sesame seeds and peanuts