NAUDIC | Tiered Skirt Fiesta Schiffli - White


Vintage By Naudic!

Bold, brave and playful, the Naudic woman combines the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel -- and loves every minute of it. Naudic creator Emma Putticks love affair with fashion began when she was working in London (as a scientist, no less!). The bohemian styles of the Portobello Road markets were where she first got the taste of what has become the Naudic look. Add influences from travels through Sweden, India and South-East Asia and you have a label thats bright, fun and eminently wearable.
While there has been great evolution of the brand over the past decade, each Collection has radiated the joy of feeling truly alive. This passion and freedom is so clear in each season of Naudic as a result of its creator and designer; Emma, sourcing all inspiration through her own travels.

Features Include:

* Tiered skirt

* Hemline with embroidery detail Available in White