Stones Throw

GLASSHOUSE | 60g Candle - All Scents


Leave it all behind with Glasshouse Fragrances triple scented soy candle collection. Gorgeous scents to light up your personal space and elevate the everyday to perfection.

Different scents available in: 

A Tahaa Affair: Ambrosial with heavenly caramel and coconut, it’ll transport you to the beaches of Tahaa

A Tango in Barcelona: As dynamic as the dance itself, it’s a sensual blend of apricot, tuberose, and smooth musk

Diving into Cyprus: Like a dip in the Med sea, with amber and peach balanced by woods, lavender and moss

Forever Florence: A flower market under the Tuscan sun, you pick up peonies, jasmine and a hint of peach

Kyoto in Bloom: Sweet and ethereal - cherry blossoms and airy lotus flowers caught in a spring breeze

Lost in Amalfi: Impressions of crystal clear water and zesty Limoncello come from freesia, lime and moss

Montego Bay Rhythm: Sweet ‘n’ sour, it’s a mouth-watering blend of zesty lime, coconut and boozy vanilla

One Night in Rio: Passionfruit and lime are effervescent, like vibrant dancers, melon keeps things sweet

Rendezvous: It starts off flirty with sugar cane and florals, slowly maturing into something softer

The Hamptoms: Inspired by the coastal escape, you’ll sense sunshine, soft cashmere and expensive gin

Sunsets In Capri: Marine Notes, Peach and Jasmine set the scene for the magical moment the sun kisses the sea.

Marseille Memoir: Neroli, gardenia and breezy apple blossom will have you thinking of the Cote d’Azur.

Midnight In Milan: Sensual rose, buttery saffron and something you can't put your finger on striking moss.